Fritz Land Surveying, LLC                              Ph:918.231.0575    

"Cursed be he who removes his neighbor's landmark."

--Deuteronomy 27:17

Fritz Land Surverying, LLC, has an excellent reputation for survey excellence, attention to detail, and responsiveness to clients needs.  Although based out of Tulsa, Fritz Land Surveying, LLC has the ability to cover the entire state of Oklahoma. 
Our clients range from individual land, and home owners, to architects, engineers, and real-estate brokers.  We can accomodate fast paced, short notice projects, or any other demands the client may have. 
"Land Surveying is a method of determining accurate points and lines of direction (bearings) on the earth's surface and preparing from them maps or plans. Boundaries, areas, elevations, construction lines, and geographical or artificial features are determined by the measurement of horizontal and vertical distances, and angles by computations based on geometry and trigonometry."
The Land Surveyor locates the property on which improvements are planned and constructed.  His professional services will cost less in time, worry, and expense than the cost of moving a building, relocating improvements, or defending a lawsuit in court due to a land boundary controversy.  Retain a Land Surveyor before planning your development and investing funds, as a protection of your interests.

The Land Surveyor renders a highly technical and complex service.  In cases of controversy he appears as your expert witness, if necessary.  No one other than he can assume responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of his work.

-Contact a surveyor well before the survey is needed.
 -Don't replace markers with a post, set a post beside the marker
-Don't move or relocate markers
-Removing a survey marker is a class C Misdemeanor.   
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